Fragrance Diffuser Air Aroma Auto Shut-Off Electric For Baby Room

Fragrance Diffuser Air Aroma Auto Shut-Off Electric For Baby Room

This 300ml oil diffuser can work as humidifier,air purifier . It is whisper quiet working and will not bother your sleeping and working. It can be usein bedroom,office ,home.

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Product Details

Are you stay in air-conditioned room a long time? Do you often feel dry skin? Do you want to improve this situation? Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser will give you a surprise, Anti-dry system can save your time.


Item NO: XD805

Capacity: 300ml


Professional Fragrance To Design

1.Working Time

2.Working Mode


4.Usage Of Timer

5.LED Decoration Light

6.Other Function: Anti-dry system

Product Show:


Name:Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Product Weight: 0.375kg
Power:about 14W
Timer Mode:60min/180min/360min
Mist spray way:ultrasonic vibration atomizing, atomizer frequency is 2.4 MHz
Mist amount: 30-50ML/H
Water tank capacity: 300ML
Material: ABS/PP
Product color:light wood or dark wood
LED amount: 

7 colors

Protection:anti-dry protection

Package type: The original packaging or customized packaging

package content:

1 x 120ML Aroma Diffuser

1 x USB cable

1 x User Manual

User's Guide:

1.Unplug the outer cover 

2.Adding water and essential oils, then make cover to original channel.

3.Close the outer cover and connect the AC adaptor to its place.

4.Press the front LIGHT button to choose ON/OFF state of the light.

5.Press the front MIST button and choose the timing model.


1.Only 100% natural essential oil from plants can be used in this device. Those containing impurities or powder will cause malfunction.

2.For next time essential oils use, please read the Attention To Use Essential Oils carefully before using. Adding 3-5 drops essential oils. When there is no water or few water in the water tank and if you add essential oil and add too much, the essential oils will adhere to the ultrasonic plate and this will cause damage and malfunction.

3.Please clean the device and wipe out the water in the water tank as the Maintenance instruction before changing to use a new type of essential oils.



A1: Can it be used without essential oil?

Q1: Yes, you can just use water in it.

Q2: Does it has a timer?

A2: Yes, it does.

Q3: Is it has noise while operating?

A3: No, it isn't.

Q4: Is it cool or warm mist?  

A4: Cool mist.

Q5: It can be bring to travel?

A5: Yes, of course. It can use for car, bedroom, office.

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