Why Humidifier And Purifier Cannot Be Opened Together?

- Mar 12, 2018-

For the winter in the north, there is a problem other than smog that is dry. So many families in addition to the purifier, will also install a humidifier. However do you know? These two products are actually not suitable for working in an environment.

I believe that many people have such experience, as long as the home a humidifier, the purifier began to smoke.

Then your home must satisfy the following three conditions: 1. The purifier and the humidifier are placed together; 2. The humidifier is ultrasonic; 3. The water in the water pipe is directly poured into the humidifier.

Ultrasonic humidifier works by turning the water into vapor-type aerosol particles through high-frequency oscillations. It is said that the human is to make the water into very small droplets that are brought into the air by air flow. Although it is a small droplet, but the size is still much larger than the level of water vapor, at most, is a mist.

PM2.5 and other particles, the diameter and diameter of water droplets are similar, so the air purifier can not identify.

At this time, some people said that I still have this problem. This is because you use the tap water, the water quality is relatively hard, that is, more dissolved metal ions in the water. The water in the droplets evaporates as the air flows. The rest is the compound.

It's like you use a pot to boil the salt water. After the water has been dried, the salt is left behind. The content of compound in each small droplet is relatively small, and after evaporation, it becomes a new PM 2.5 particle, which causes secondary pollution.

The solution then is to replace it with an evaporative humidifier or add pure water to the sonic humidifier and place it in a place that is relatively far from the purifier.

In some reports, it can be seen that the humidifier and the purifier are opened together, and the HEPA filter will have mildew and bacteria.

The placement of the ultrasonic humidifier close to the purifier does cause this problem, but as long as the distance is pulled apart, it can be perfectly solved, because after all, the relative humidity in the northern winter is too low, and this moisture can't really be mold. It would be possible to put it in the rainy season in the south.

In addition, there are also a small number of air purifiers and humidifiers on the market. However, this kind of product is usually subjected to a special waterproof treatment. The price is high and it is not practical. However, there are often serious design flaws in the cheap. The so-called surgery industry specializes. The all-in-one product may not necessarily be good. Do not be humidified. This additional function blinds the eyes.

Humidifier and purifier cannot be opened together

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