Why You Need To Get An Oil Diffuser

- Aug 28, 2017-

Why You Need To Get An Oil Diffuser

While over at a friends house recently I experienced a wonderful aroma emanating from her essential oil diffuser. At that point I loved my homemade incense sticks and my DIY reed diffuser, but I’d never tried a diffuser before. She was so excited about this little machine that she sparked my interest a little and I have to say the smell was wonderful!

I was thinking to myself that Iv’e collected a nice collection of quality essential oils over the years (many used in making my homemade beauty recipes), and as they were already sitting there in my workroom I thought that I may as well put them to a second use. And as you all know I love to experiment a little!

I’m truly suprized at how well these little units work and even more by the benefits they bring.

I researched a little and opted to buy the Mofado oil diffuser and below I’ve written more about my choice and my experience with it along with some nice blends that I now use regularly.

But first I just want to provide a little info for readers that could be new to aromatherapy, and those experienced in aromatherapy who could be looking to turn it up a notch?

oil diffuser

Fresh Air, Indoors

Some situations in life are obviously not best for breathing. Standing next to an exhaust pipe, for instance, is not ideal for your lungs.

You might think being inside saves you from the pollution that does damage to your breathing.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. That stuffy air you sense in the winter when the windows are closed? It doesn’t just feel stuffy. It actually presents health threats that can cause harm to your cardiovascular system.

Luckily, you don’t need to travel to a deserted meadow to find air that is healthy for your lungs. Oil diffusers help freshen the air around you by dispersing oil into the, providing you some relief on those extra-stuffy days.

In spring time, an oil diffuser can clear the air of any substances that are bugging your allergies. The diffuser opens up your sinuses and airways, making breathing easier on you than it would be without a diffuser.

This means that any cold or sinus issue you might have will be helped by a diffuser. It’s a good first step before doling out money on expensive medication.

Set the Mood You Want

The wide variety of natural oils means a wide variety of results with your diffuser.

There are a lot of options when you’re buying oil online. Some oils are better before bed, while others are good for reading a book in the afternoon.

Any oil diffuser will create a soothing smell. That smell should make you feel better all by itself. It’s important to figure out the right oil for you. Once you find yourself enjoying the smell, you are benefitting in more ways than one.

The right smell can do even more for you, in recent years, scientists have drawn the connection between scent and mood.

That’s right–if you smell the right thing, just like if you see or taste it, your brain creates a happiness sensation for you.

Drive down Costs with an Oil Diffuser

Every summer, poorly insulated homes rely on air conditioners to create a cool environment.

As the cool air seeps out, the air conditioners have to run 24/7 to allow you and your family to sleep, relax and enjoy the home properly. This is all fine until one month, you open the electricity bill in the mail.

Yikes! It’s double, or maybe even tripled!

Don’t worry–you can avoid this. Certain kinds of oil diffusers are meant to cool the atmosphere of your room. Turn on your diffuser and let the minty oils spread throughout the air in the room. Space will feel calm and cooled.

That means those summer evenings can be cool, without the anxiety of paying for the electricity used by a non-stop air conditioner.

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