Which Water Can Add Into Humidifier?

- Sep 09, 2019-

The best water for humidifier?

Some mothers will feel that the humidifier is sprayed with water mist, and it is not drunk into the stomach, so it is fine to put any water, but this is not the case! It is safest to use distilled or purified water. Everyone must remember!

Pure water and distilled water do not contain too much minerals and impurities, and the mist sprayed through the humidifier will be relatively clean.

Mineral water in mineral water is more, long-term use, not only is not conducive to health, but also easy to damage the machine; tap water contains calcium and magnesium, if you add tap water in the humidifier, the spray mist contains magnesium ions and calcium ion powder, White powder will appear, which will not only pollute the air, but also damage the furniture and the floor.

So please add the pure water and distilled water,  remember it.


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