When Is It Better To Use A Humidifier

- Apr 09, 2019-

                                      When is it better to use a humidifier?

If the weather is dry, the face will become dry again, so you can use the humidifier at this time, so that the dry air and the dry face become moist, so the humidifier is very popular among everyone, but there are many People are also confused about the humidifier, such as when to use a humidifier? Next, let's talk about when to use a humidifier. How to buy a humidifier?


In the summer, as the temperature rises, many people will not only open air conditioners in the office, but also turn on air conditioners when they return home. Air conditioning has become an essential appliance, but the use of air conditioning will make the air dry. People stay indoors for a long time, prone to dry tongue, dry throat and other symptoms. Therefore, when using air conditioners in summer, it is best to use them together with a humidifier.

The humidifier can be used in the fall in addition to the summer. The autumn weather is already dry, using a humidifier to keep the relative humidity in the room between 40% and 60%, and people will feel very comfortable. In addition, the humidifier can also filter bacteria and particulate matter in the air, which is beneficial to the health of the respiratory tract.


In the cold winter, humidifiers are also essential. The humidifier is used in winter to moisten the air and enrich the negative oxygen ions, which can improve the hot environment and promote human health. When using a humidifier, it is best to equip with a humidity thermometer to check the humidity of the room at any time to control the opening of the humidifier for better use.

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