What Use Is An Essential Oil Diffuser To Me?(3)

- May 31, 2018-

what use is an essential oil diffuser to me?(3)

Maybe you already have a diffuser, or you want to get one, but you aren’t convinced just yet. I am going to tell you some of the uses of essential oils for your benefit. You may be operating on a tight budget so I’d hate for you to buy something that will be of no use to you.

There are different essential oils, and they also have different uses. In the same breath, some of them are not meant to be used directly on the skin.

Other than just benefitting me and my skin, diffusers have come in handy to me in the following ways


Sometimes my schedule and routine become so tiring, that I do not feel like doing anything. A hint of citrus, ginger, rosemary or vanilla typically has me full of energy after just a short while.

how a aroma diffuser works

Prevention of a fire hazard and health problems

The alternative to a diffuser is scented candles and incense. While the two can be a bit effective for some circumstances, they can also be harmful.

If you are not careful, an accident with your candles or incense can cause a fire. Additionally, scented candles also contain benzene and toluene. When you inhale those chemicals for long periods of time, you may end up doing some damage to your central nervous system, lungs or brain.

cleaning an aroma diffuser

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