What Things To Consider For Choosing The Best Nebulizing Diffuser For Essential Oils?

- Sep 04, 2017-

What Things To Consider For Choosing The Best Nebulizing Diffuser For Essential Oils?


It’s not always necessary to have your device run continuously at a constant speed, especially as you’re sleeping. Maybe you want your diffuser to dispense the mist for a short amount of time before stopping working for a while, then restart the same process again and again. With this way, you not only meet your need but also save a significant amount of essential oils.

Essential Oil Capacity

This factor varies among different diffusers. The larger amount of essential oils your diffuser can contain, the longer running time it will have. In general, typical diffusers run for 3-5 hours while others can run for 6-10 hours. Thus, if you want your device can operate for many hours at a time of refilling, you’ll need a one with a large amount of ml.

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Automatic Shut-Off

For me, the best nebulizing essential oil diffuser must include this function. Why? Because it’s extremely useful, which helps to shut off your diffuser automatically when running out of the water. More important, you can reduce the risk of breaking down your device as it’s running in the no-water status. Saving the electric consumption is also a great benefit of the automatic shut-off function.

LED Effect

It's not necessary to purchase a diffuser with a built-in LED light. But if you love decorating your house, adding some more colors to your house seem to be a good idea. Depending on your style, you can go with a device with a rainbow LED that automatically varies its colors based on the level of mist release, or choose a customizable LED so that you can change the color as you set.

Ease of Clean

Essential oils in the air pump and reservoir of your diffuser are piling up over time, which makes you have to clean them frequently in order to eliminate all the mold and bacteria. At that point, choose the device with dishwasher-safe materials, anti-microbial components, and no awkward angle.

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