What Is A Nebulizer

- Jul 28, 2017-

What is a nebulizer?

  If you want a stronger smell and can spend more money, consider a nebulizer, which diffuses oil directly by blowing compressed air through it to turn it to mistThese models cost about $100, can be loud, and aren’t as interesting to look at, but they produce a more concentrated smell.

  Some nebulizers have a wood base with a glass stem that lights up—they’re nicer-looking, though easier to break. In some cases you can’t turn the light off (the product description or photo should mention a “light” button). Other models have a bottle attached to a nozzle that sprays, usually concealed in a plastic or metal case.

  All nebulizers feature some way to control the size of the stream of mist, usually a knob on the nozzle. All of them diffuse oil intermittently, since a constant stream of pure oil is powerfully smelly. On some, you can specify the length of the spritz time (say, 20 seconds) and the amount of time in between, but this level of control isn’t really necessary. It’s not uncommon for nebulizers to have a set amount of time that they run for at intervals; two hours is typical.

What is a nebulizer

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