What Is A Cool Mist Humidifier

- Jun 20, 2017-

A cool mist humidifier replenishes moisture in the air without any risk of scalds or burns. Three types of a cool mist humidifier are available: evaporation, impeller and ultrasound. When manufacturer instructions are followed, these machines can safely humidify indoor areas, but if they are not cleaned properly, they provide a breeding ground for molds and other allergens.

When the air is especially dry, it will draw moisture from any available source, including furniture and people. Wood might become brittle, and cracks might form, causing permanent damage. People might notice that skin, lips, throat and nasal passages feel dry and tight. Hair becomes brittle and prone to frizz and split ends. Dry air also produces static, and electronic devices might suffer.

Vaporizers and warm mist humidifiers can address this issue, but they replenish humidity using steam, making them potential sources of burns. Parents of small children and owners of pets might be especially concerned about this risk. A cool mist humidifier offers a method of restoring moisture to the atmosphere without any danger of scalding.

One of the most common types of cool mist humidifier relies on evaporation to add moisture to the air. Water is drawn up from a reservoir by a wick. A small fan blows across the wick, evaporating the water and humidifying the air. Only water evaporates, meaning that ordinary tap water can be used, and any mineral deposits remain on the wick.

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