Using Aromatherapy Machine Against Infectious Diseases

- Sep 13, 2016-

Aromatherapy machine can also be used to prevent the flu. Japan WISDOM develops, Nonaka is responsible for planning and marketing of particle devices can not only enjoy the aroma, also can be used for prevention of infectious diseases. The device has a tank capacity of two, named "Aromachine Plus" and "Hyperion", "Japan 7th medical device development and manufacturing exhibition (MEDIX)" (June 2016, 22-24th, Ariake, Tokyo International Exhibition Center) on display. Small volumes Aromachine Plus will be available in August 2016, the bulk of Hyperion will be listed on the fall of 2016.

How to use aromatherapy to prevent infectious diseases? Nonaka Corporation Representative Director shanzhongguangmei said: "minimum 0.1 μ m spray of ultra small size packages of virus, so they fail to prevent infection. "The new product can be used for a variety of infectious diseases prevention, so as to prevent nosocomial infection, protection of healthcare workers, and so on.

Imagine one use is to prevent every winter influenza poses a threat. WISDOM are now together with liquid manufacturer, use liquid to prevent the flu is harmless to human body experiment.

Two core components of the device are the proliferation of devices equipped with micro-particle mist "Hyperion tank". Use air pump when pumping air to nozzle inside the tank, fluid in the presence of the venturi effect into the tiniest particles, tiny pores are squeezed from the top of the nozzle to the upper end of cover. Size large particles into the middle of the trench size height naturally unified according to grooves, you can release the size of tiny particles of uniform spray.

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