USB Mini Office Humidifier for Girl's Gift Mini Humidifier

- Jan 11, 2017-

This Mini USB Humidifier is easy to operate and you can carrier it for travel ,home ,office,car . It is very convenient to use and it just needs a cup of water .Cool mist and whisper-quiet operation, mini design ,air purifier. It is also a perfect gift.                                                     



2.Air Purification



1.Newest Ultrasonic technology, Atomization even more delicate, Not wet Desktop

2. Mini design, easy to carry and daily use

3. Directly from the USB interface, power supply, easy to use

4. No tank design, easy to use anytime and anywhere.





Rated Voltage : DC 5V/500mA                                  

Rated Power: 1.5±0.5W

Amount of water spray Mist: 20-30ml/hr


Applied Area:15 m2

Working Temperature:10-40℃

Product size:3.2*3.2*16.2cm

Packing QTY:100PCS

NW/GW: 10/11kg




Q1: Does it convenient to carry?

A1: Yes, of course. It's mini humidifier, easy to carry.

Q2: Does it will stop working when runs off water?

A2: Sure, it has Auto shut off system. When the water runs off, it will stop working.

Q3: Does the USB cable can connect to the computer?

A3: Yes, it does.

Q4: What occasions it can be applied?

A4: Indoors place is ok, like office, bedroom,

Q5: How often should I clean it?

A5: 2-3 days. But you should replace the water everyday.

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