Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Portable ABS Water Bottle Cap Air Humidifier

- Aug 12, 2017-


Basic Info.


Model NO.:XD805




Usage:Use for Home, Office, Medical


Air Volume:51-150m3/h


Type:Aroma Diffuser


Certification:CE, ISO, RoHS


Application Area:>61m2


Power Source:AC Source


Operating Principle:Active + Passive


Purifying Technology:Ultrasonic Humidifier


Business Type:Ultrasonic Diffuser Aromatherapy




LED Light:with 7PCS of Colorful Lights


Water Capacity:300ml


Function:Humidification,Aromatherapy,Air Purifier,etc


Origin:Shenzhen, China


HS Code:8509809000

 electronic humidifier    

Product Description

    Popular Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Portable ABS Water Bottle Cap Air Humidifier HA-01L

 air humidifier   aroma diffuser    air purifier    fragrance oils diffuser

*7 colorful ruled transformational LED lights,pleasant and beautiful feeling.
*The sculpt is decent and fashion ,it is suitable for conference room hotel office etc.
*Works quietly with sliver ions,eliminate dust PM2.5 smoke bacteria terrible smell powerfully.
*After adding some essential water solution,it can diffuse fragrance scents. 
*Automatic power-off protection when lack of water
Diretion of use

1.Open the lid
2.immit water
3.add a few drops of essentail solution
4.cover the lid
5.connect the plug
6.turn on the power


1. When it doesn't work on the basis of enough water,do as follows:

A. Check whether the dew obstruct the air outlet. If so, blow air to the outlet with your mouth.
B. Check whether there is some solution covering the atomization sheet. If so, clean the sheet with clean water.
2. Clean the water tank regularly.

portable humidifier

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