Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Machine Is Harmful To The Human Body?

- Apr 14, 2018-

Ultrasonic aromatherapy machine is harmful to the human body? Behind the truth is just gimmick

In recent days, there have been many opinions on the issue of harmless aromatherapy machines on the Internet. Some people say that aromatherapy machines are harmful to the human body, while others show that they are harmless to the human body. For many aromatherapy machine brands on the market, does the aromatherapy machine have any harm to the human body?


In fact, as early as 2014, the humidifiers had already gotten a fire at home and abroad. The aromatherapy machine is an upgraded version of the humidifier, which has both humidifying and aromatherapy effects. Therefore, many consumers also refer to aromatherapy machines as aroma humidifiers, and the products are popular with users as soon as they are on the line. Very few businesses, in order to obtain market attention, issued a “aromatherapy machine is harmful to the human body” of the steamed bread. Since the aromatherapy machine's atomized aromatherapy essential oil has a very low concentration in the air, it is basically harmless to the human body. 

According to medical experts, natural essential oils have a cleansing and bactericidal effect on indoor air. The natural essential oils from plants are very complex in chemical composition. Their volatile organic compounds are not 100% safe to the human body, but their contents are very low. Compared to aromatherapy machines, their harmful effects on the human body are less than one-thousandths of that of perfumes. People tend to sleep peacefully in an environment overflowing with flowers (because essential oils are mostly extracted from flowers). This is a busy schedule for work. The family is quite attractive.

First, clean air

For a smoke-smelling indoor environment, there are 10 good choices for the aromatherapy machine. It can break down secondhand smoke and eradicate the source of odor. In addition, negative ions can be generated during humidification, and the combination of negative ions and ozone is a natural air cleaner. For newly renovated rooms and new furniture rooms, benzene and formaldehyde can be decomposed, which can effectively improve the air quality in the rooms.


Second, the essential oil auxiliary function

Aromatherapy machine can add different aromatherapy essential oils to achieve different effects. The main function is to regulate emotions, soothe irritability, relieve stress and other functions. Consumers need to pay attention to the purchase of essential oils. Essential aromatherapy oils are extracted from plants and have little harm to the human body. As long as they are not used in closed rooms for long periods of time, they are basically harmless to the human body. Consumers are not advised to purchase cheaper chemical essential oils that do not achieve the desired function and effect. Although the price of good essential oils is more expensive, it can only be used for two or three dollars at a time, and the fragrance lasts longer.


Third, humidification

The humidifying function of the aromatherapy machine is not the same as that of an ordinary humidifier. By humidifying the air in the air-conditioned room, the air is maintained at a certain humidity. For most air-conditioned rooms, "one-piece" air conditioners are used. The air cooling in the room is filtered and passed into the room. The ventilation effect is not achieved, and the humidity in the air is getting lower and lower. Can solve this problem very well.

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