Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Aroma Diffuser for Home and Office

- Jan 05, 2017-

A New Modern Aroma Diffuser Has Appeared, It's LED Electronic Display, 4 Working Time Setting and Automatic Water Level Detection. It Also Can Save Time, So Don't Worry Use it Will Waste Your Time. Shop Now, Give Yourself A Chance To Be More Healthier.




Professional Fragrance To Design

Large Capacity Water Tank

Meet The Demand Of Dairy Aromatherapy Humidification

Automatic Water Level Detection, Anhydrous Automatically Stop Working




Dimensions: 170*170*130MM

Weight(excluding adaptor): 450g

Adopter voltage: 24V

Length of card: 150CM

Electric consumption: 15W

Tank Capacity: 400ML

Materials: PP

Accessories :Adapter user manual

Method of mist production: Ultrasonic vibration at 2.4MHz




Q1: How Long Does It Stay Working?

A1: Hello, the aroma diffuser Longest working time is 3 hours.

Q2: Plug In Or Battery Operated?

A2: No Battery Option. Just Press On/Off Switch With Setting Control For Half An Hour, 1 Hour, 2 Hour, 3 Hour.

Q3: Does The Aroma Diffuser Have Auto Shut Off?

A3: Yes, It will off when the time up to the setting.

Q4: What is The Capacity of The Aroma Diffuser?

A4: The Aroma Diffuser Capacity is 400ML.

Q5: How Often Clean It?

A5: We suggest clean it once for 2-3 days. Three times of a week. 

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