Types Of Essential Oil Diffuser

- Aug 04, 2017-

Types of Essential Oil Diffuser

Cold Air Diffuser

Cold air diffuser is also called nebulizer diffuser. This diffuser blows the essential oil using room temperature air. The nebulizer is functioned to vaporize the air. Mothers love using this type of diffuser, because it can work very quickly and efficiently. The natural and original aroma of the therapeutic properties of the essential oils is not destroyed, unlike heat diffusers. The nebulizer saturates the air with the oil and use the oil at a higher rate than any other type of diffuser.
The downside is only about the limited choice of essential oil option. If you use heavier and thicker oil, the
 nebulizer won’t work effectively. Other than that, you will find it hard to clean the diffuser.

aroma diffuser

Heat Diffuser

Heat diffuser offers good sensation for pretty smells. Mothers who use this type of diffuser commented that the rooms of their house simply smell better with the diffuser. It’s not a good choice for therapeutic essential, however.

If you want to go traditional, it’s best to buy essential oil diffuser with small lit candle under a bowl of water or soy wax tart. The candle lit gives different ambiance to the room. It looks pretty and unique on the other way. Most essential oil lovers have this candle diffuser at home, and they love it for the uniqueness of the design of the bowl.

Evaporative Diffuser

Evaporative diffuser uses a fan to blow the air through a pad or filter. You can sit the essential oil on the pad, and the room will smell good. Choose heavier essential oil if you love using this type of diffuser, because light oil will be diffused so quickly with this diffuser. Also, do not use it in a larger room and for therapeutic oil. It’s a good choice for small room or vehicle use.

Ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic Diffuser

The best diffuser is one that meets your condition and situation. But, so far most mothers love ultrasonic essential oil diffuser the most compared to the above types of diffusers. They said this ultrasonic diffuser is the best all around choice for any kinds of essential oil. It works best with therapeutic oil as well. The electronic diffuser has vibrations in water. The vibrations are carried to the surface where the oil is floating, vaporize the oil and then disperse them into the air. It uses no heat.

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