The Whole World Knows The Effect Of Aroma, And This Time We Brought It To The Children's Market.

- May 21, 2018-

If your child is not always calm down, at home when he goes to bed at night also like noisy let you upset, so now there is a way to more effective and quicker than before to let children to calm down.

Yes, it is an intelligent projection fragrance machine that can project stars on the ceiling and spread fragrance.


It's for the kids, but it's also great for parents.

whole home humidifier


The aromatherapy machine can not only fill the whole house with fragrant smell, but also built-in air purification function to remove dust, allergens, bacteria, odor and so on.

So even without children, we can use it in bedrooms, kitchens and even any places where air quality problems can exist.

It also provides a humidifier function, which can be used to combat the drying of indoor air conditioning in winter.


high quality humidifier

Another feature of the aromatherapy machine is the projection of three patterns and matching colors, which is also the most attractive place for children.

It can project stars on the ceiling, and it can connect to the smartphone App to control five different levels of light until it slowly disappears.

So if your child needs a night light before going to bed, the aromatherapy machine can provide the most gentle projection of the stars.

"The whole world knows the effect of aroma, and this time we brought it to the children's market."

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