The Principle Of The Humidifier

- Apr 25, 2019-

                                   The principle of the humidifier

Household humidifiers generally use ultrasonic method to atomize water, and blow the atomized water vapor out of the casing through a fan to achieve the effect of humidifying air. The electrical schematic diagram is shown in the drawing. After the mains passes the switching power supply, it outputs two voltages of 36V and 12V. Among them, 36V power supply steam atomization module. 12V power supply fan. In the circuit, D1 and D2 are respectively a water shortage indicator and a work indicator; the reed switch is a liquid level detection switch; and RT1 is a mist size adjustment potentiometer. The core of 02 and its peripheral circuits are ultrasonic generating circuits.


The ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasonic high frequency to oscillate 1.7MHZ frequency, atomizes the water into ultrafine particles of 1-5 microns, and diffuses the water mist into the air through the air moving device, so that the air is humidified and accompanied by abundant negative oxygen ions. Clean air, improve health and create a comfortable environment.


The thermal evaporation type humidifier is also called an electric humidifier. The working principle is that the water is heated to 100 degrees in the heating body to generate steam, and the steam is sent out by a fan.

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