The Difference Between Aromatherapy Machine And Humidifier

- Mar 27, 2019-

The difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier

Today, we will tell you what is the difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier. Which one is more suitable for consumers!

First look at the function! The function of the aromatherapy machine is mainly to add pure plant essential oil and pure water; the aromatherapy molecules are emitted through the water vapor, and different essential oils have different effects. The function of the humidifier, as the name suggests, is humidification, and only water can be added, and the humidifier adjusts the humidity of the air significantly better than the aromatherapy machine.

Ultrasonic aroma diffusers

Second look at the material! Since most essential oils are corrosive, most of the aromatherapy machines are made of PP. The aromatherapy machine's chips, wafer spoons and atomizers are specially developed for essential oils. They are resistant to oil, water and chemical corrosion. The ordinary humidifier uses ABS or AS plastic material as the water tank, so it can only add water and have certain requirements for water quality. Otherwise, it is harmful to the human body.

Then we look at the amount of fog! The function of the aromatherapy machine is to make people better absorb the essential oil, so the aromatherapy machine has a high consistency and is light and thin, so as to ensure that the fragrance particles are fine and even, and stay in the air for a long time. The main function of the humidifier is to humidify the air. Therefore, a large-diameter atomized piece having a diameter of 20 to 25 mm is usually used, and the amount of the mist is heavy and the particles are large.

There are also two water chambers for electrical appliances. Because the aromatherapy machine needs to change water for oil at any time, the design of the water chamber is simple and easy to clean, and the water storage space is also small. The humidifier basically has a water tank design, so the internal structure is complicated and the cleaning fluid is difficult.

There is also a vibration technology that is unique to the aromatherapy machine. The ultrasonic vibration technology used in the aromatherapy machine can atomize water molecules to the nanometer level, which can effectively disperse the aromatherapy essential oil into the air, allowing us to bathe in the fragrant air. The humidifier is only added with fresh water to humidify, so ultrasonic atomization is not required.

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The humidifier is more suitable for dry weather or long-term air-conditioning environment. It can adjust the humidity balance in the room. It is a small electrical appliance that is good for skin health for the sisters who work in the air-conditioned room for a long time. Therefore, the function of the humidifier is clearer and stronger.

The aromatherapy machine is indeed a small object that can add happiness to life. It is not only convenient to carry but also can be used as a night light. The water mist added with essential oil can not only relieve fatigue and help sleep, but also persist in our body for a long time. Compared with the humidifier, it is a small household appliance that is necessary for people who have quality pursuit in life~

Whether it's a humidifier or an aromatherapy machine, they are small objects that improve the quality of life. Nothing is better, only one is best for you. I hope that through this introduction you can understand the difference between the two and choose the right product~

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