The Correct Way To Clean The Aromatherapy Humidifier Is Here. Are You Using It Correctly?

- Mar 28, 2019-

     The correct way to clean the aromatherapy humidifier is here

 End busy one day, sit before floor lamp, open sweet smoked humidifier, a force that makes a person rapid and stable rises slowly, no matter where, the anguish of a day and be agitated can fade quietly in beautiful time.Warm, quiet, soft, in you enjoy the sweet atmosphere aesthetics at the same time you must pay attention to, if you do not often clean the aromatherapy humidifier, the white fog not only can not bring you the magic effect of aromatherapy, but also become a potential killer!

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Many love clean friends, heard me say to clean the aromatherapy humidifier, are surprised to say, never washed...Some even argue that since essential oils kill bacteria, the humidifier won't be plagued by nasty bacteria.


In fact, as the most essential oil volatilization, remain in parts of the instrument will become sticky, because of wet oxidation bactericidal activity no longer, not only can become a breeding ground for bacteria instead of fertile soil, if it is not clear in time, not only makes the normal use of the instrument, also make new drip into the essential oil is limited by pollutants and can no longer work well.


I personally do not recommend using chemical cleaners for aromatherapy, so here is a natural, effective and convenient way to clean.

The first step is to cut off the power

Separation of water and electricity is the first step of household cleaning.Cut off the power supply before cleaning, adding water and moving the instrument.

 The second step is to add some water

Add purified water to the aromatherapy humidifier and do not exceed the maximum capacity of the humidifier (i.e., the maximum capacity line).

Step 3 add a little vinegar Pour the white vinegar into the kitchen and use plain white vinegar.

Step 4 start the instrument

Let the humidifier run for 5 minutes, let the water and vinegar in the instrument fully agitated, play a cleaning role.

Step 5 pour out the excess water

Turn off the aromatherapy humidifier and drain the water to make sure there are no more residues.

tep 6: wipe it carefully

Using a cotton ball or cotton cloth, dip it in some white vinegar and gently wipe the inside and outside of the instrument.

Step 7: dry and wipe Wipe the inside of the instrument with clean cotton cloth.


1, winter is a high incidence of cold, use antiseptic anti-inflammatory oil (such as tea tree oil), help to increase resistance.

2, sleep is bad friend, can choose to have the essence oil of the effect that calm the mind (be like lavender essence oil), improve morpheus quality effectively.

3, the office put a cabinet aromatherapy machine, start not when the spirit, add some refreshing essential oil (such as rosemary essential oil), moisturizing, but also can make people feel refreshed.

4, I like to run outside, a convenient portable aromatherapy machine is my heart good, the journey running tired, aromatherapy machine can help me sleep faster.

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