The Advantages Of Wet-membrane Humidifier:

- Sep 13, 2016-

Most provinces are electrodes (electric) humidifier power consumption of 2%, no sprinklers, no spray, no drop, without compressed air. By filter of tap water (best is water, and softening water) into tank in the, cycle pump will water sent to humidifier top Department of cloth water device, will water uniform to distribution to high than surface area evaporation material Shang, water from evaporation material of top Department down penetration, was evaporation material absorption formed uniform of water film, dang dry of air was wind machine sucking into humidifier Shi, part water and dry air contact endothermic occurred vaporization, makes air wet (humidity increased) another part no evaporation of flow back tank, through cycle pump repeatedly using. Evaporation materials air purification, removing in indoor air, dust and harmful gases dissolved in water.

Analysis of wet-membrane humidifier straight drainage pipes in the water, winter outdoor temperature is low, so the low temperature 5 ℃, wet film who use of circulating water is in the tank because of repeated cycle, absorb a lot of heat from the air and water temperatures near 20 degrees centigrade. From theory analysis low temperature water of enthalpy value volume lower, from liquid into gaseous by need absorption of air in the of heat also larger, often water also no gasification on into wet film top Department flow to has bottom, at of water temperature although increased has, but and white of flow go has, caused energy of waste and and up not to scheduled of added wet volume, and wet film cycle water humidifier work a time Hou water temperature will compared high, this species temperature of water enthalpy value far above winter tap water enthalpy value, so gasification compared easy, added wet effect good air conditioning unit in the, As little as possible with or without direct drainage of wet membrane humidifying mode.

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