Scent Marketing Has Any Business Application?

- Sep 13, 2016-

In fact, there are a lot of people don't understand the fragrance industry, we'll simply say fragrance is the rise of industry, Orange first Shanghai International say scent marketing, and marketing has been widely used in hotels, shopping malls, entertainment venues, jewellery, clothing, commercial real estate, home, automobile 4S shop industry. United States scholar Mitchell put marketers on the fragrance mainly in the following two aspects: first, product attributes, product selection and combination of trial and fragrance marketing. Some businesses by optimizing the aroma of the product itself to promote consumers ' desire to buy. For example, in the daily skin care products containing added fruit and flower aroma, induce the consumer specific emotional state. Starbucks is known for experiential marketing, for the flavor and aroma of coffee's almost demanding. Orange hit in Shanghai with Nanjing flavoring, perfumes cannot be used on the job. Can drift in the air are pure coffee flavor, which is far better than other flavor to consumers of memory, becoming star Backert brand culture. Even cell phone companies can take full advantage of the sense of smell marketing, for example, Sony Ericsson launched a mobile phone, will be issued when a faint scent, makes people feel calm Korea LG brand has a name "chocolate" phone, capable of emitting a sweet chocolate flavor.

Secondly, the fragrance combines marketing and sales environment. For some special scent-free products or services, such as clothing, hotels, banks, businesses can be sprayed in a retail environment specific aroma, created the ideal shopping atmosphere in order to improve the quality of consumer products and services brand recognition and memory, and achieve the objective of improving sales. For example, the 1996 Royal hotels Japan Osaka open ceilings make perfume are reminiscent of Eastern Mediterranean atmosphere. United Kingdom luxury shirt retailer tuomasi·bike has developed a personalized scent, in New York, San Francisco, Boston and put in the new store in San Francisco, when customers entered the store, would give a fresh smell, laundered cotton. This enjoyment can allow customers to quickly recall the brand, think of this shirt from the nature, so to buy.

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