Principle Of Wet-membrane Humidifier

- Sep 13, 2016-

Working principle:

Wet film added wet machine, is through tank in the of water conveying to humidifier top Department of got water device, water uniform to got to wet film of top Department, got water device ensure water uniform distribution to wet film material Shang, water in gravity role Xia along wet film material down soaked, got wet wet film internal of all level, while was wet film material absorption, formed uniform of water film. When dry air through the wet material, dry air and moist wet surface has a larger area of contact, moisture absorbing air heat of vaporization, evaporation, so as to achieve the objective of air humidification. In the humidification process, increased air humidity, temperature, air enthalpy remains unchanged.

Air conditioning unit with wet-membrane humidifier has a variety of materials, organic wet wet wet film, metal alloys, inorganic glass fiber membrane, stainless steel wet film. Central air conditioning units, make-up air units, computer room air conditioning and humidification sections of wet organic material up.

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