Plastic Humidifiers For Office With Water-free Automatic Protection Function

- Oct 23, 2017-

Plastic Humidifiers For Office in many homes is the winter high frequency use of small appliances, many mothers will buy Plastic Humidifiers For Office, to improve indoor humidity, prevent adults and children sick.

Because the air dry in winter, if the air humidity is too low, the baby's skin and respiratory stimulation, resulting in skin dry, but also may appear nasal bleeding, throat itching and other symptoms.

When the baby suffers from respiratory disease, air dryness is not conducive to disease recovery.

In medicine, the Plastic Humidifiers For Office itself is good for health.

At present the market Plastic Humidifiers For Office has the ultrasonic type, the hot steam type, the pure type, the first two kinds have the spray, the latter kind of mist-free, each has the advantage and disadvantage.

The principle of ultrasonic wave is to spray the water by ultrasonic oscillation, and the effect of evenly humidification. This type of Plastic Humidifiers For Office effective faster, the price is also more economical, suitable for the general household use, but the spray mist contains impurities.

Hot steam type is welcomed by more women, although the humidification efficiency is not high, but the water after high temperature treatment, steam impurities will be much less.

Pure type can filter impurities in the water, the water quality is cleaner, but the price is higher.

Spray Plastic Humidifiers For Office, should pay attention to the atomization effect of Plastic Humidifiers For Office or humidification degree. A simple way to detect the atomization effect is to rotate the fog knob to the middle, allowing it to spray continuously for 15 seconds.

At this time, the palm of the spray mouth 20cm, if you can feel the palm moist and no drip dripping, indicating the atomization effect can also be achieved evenly fine rapid humidification requirements.

Large brands of the core components of relatively reliable quality, but also most of the water-free automatic protection function, can prevent water tanks in the dry burn after the danger.

So when choosing a Plastic Humidifiers For Office, it is best to choose a regular large brand. According to their own needs to choose performance, good quality Plastic Humidifiers For Office.

What should I pay attention to when using a Plastic Humidifiers For Office?

1. Timely cleaning Plastic Humidifiers For Office, do not let Plastic Humidifiers For Office filth, do not let it become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Pure Plastic Humidifiers For Office, generally only need to change the evaporator every 1-2 years, filter net can. and hot steam-type Plastic Humidifiers For Office and ultrasonic Plastic Humidifiers For Office the best weekly cleaning water tank scale, so as not only to avoid bacteria breeding, but also to prevent scale plugging or even burn the machine. The specific cleaning steps are as follows:

2. Regular water change, conditional families do not use water, with Lang Baikai, purified water.

3. Attention to open the window ventilation, it is best to place the Plastic Humidifiers For Office near the vent, and with the bedside to maintain a certain distance.

4. Do not add herbs when using a Plastic Humidifiers For Office. These herbs are added to the Plastic Humidifiers For Office, not only to prevent the effect of disease, but also easy to form a fog-like particles, inhaled into the lungs, causing respiratory diseases. may even cause allergic problems in children.

5. Plastic Humidifiers For Office use time should not be too long, if found walls or windows will have water droplets, this time to indicate that the humidity is too high, to close the Plastic Humidifiers For Office. Some families have hygrometer, can cooperate Plastic Humidifiers For Office, will maintain indoor humidity around 55%.

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