Plastic Humidifiers For Office Placed Away From The TV And Other Home Appliances, Furniture, A Little Farther To Prevent Damp

- Nov 02, 2017-

Winter to one, the big guys like to put the windows, the door of the strict, in the heating, air conditioning protection, the temperature up, the humidity is greatly reduced, a little left will hear the "crackling" static "symphony" , So the Plastic Humidifiers For Office switch to open to the maximum, full house clouds filled, as if really feel the skin "water da". But some people say that Plastic Humidifiers For Offices can cause pneumonia, in the end what is true

Household Plastic Humidifiers For Office is the most common ultrasonic Plastic Humidifiers For Office, humidification speed, uniform. Some experts have done experiments on them, respectively, joined the pure water, mineral water and tap water to monitor the air pollution.

Many people use the Plastic Humidifiers For Office will be directly added to the tap water, but the Plastic Humidifiers For Office manual generally recommended: do not join the tap water, it is best to use pure water.

Plastic Humidifiers For Office is sprayed through the ultrasonic water sprayed into the air, so as to achieve the effect of humidification, these atomized subtle water droplets with our breathing into the body, and tap water contains magnesium, calcium and other mineral ions, There are bleach (a bactericidal effect), these ingredients sprayed into the air with water mist, pollution of indoor air, if the long-term excessive intake of lungs certainly good for health, can easily lead to allergies and a variety of respiratory diseases.

Therefore, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the air, it is best to use pure water, or to boil water, and so on and then added.

Plastic Humidifiers For Office in the water is not living water, and the indoor temperature is just easy to make a lot of water in the microbial breeding, if not replaced in time, the bacteria Legion will be sprayed with the mist, together into our respiratory tract.

In addition, if you do not clean the Plastic Humidifiers For Office for a long time, the inner wall will breed fungi or bacteria, some of which will be mixed into the mist into the water mist.

Therefore, the Plastic Humidifiers For Office in the water must be replaced every day (the remaining water drained all new), at least once a week to the Plastic Humidifiers For Office for a thorough cleaning. If you do not use for a long time, you should dry the water in the tank and dry the parts of the Plastic Humidifiers For Office.

The Plastic Humidifiers For Office should be placed in a stable plane about 1.5 meters above the ground, so that moisture can be haunted in the body's range of activities to ensure that the humidification effect. In addition, the Plastic Humidifiers For Office spray out of the moisture around the distance of about 1 meter, therefore, it is best placed in the distance from the TV and other home appliances, furniture, a little bit away to prevent damp.

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