OEM Factory Plastic Essential Oil Fragrance Diffuser Scent Nebulizer Air Purifier for Hotel Lobby

- Dec 21, 2016-

The best choice ----USB Essential Oil Diffuser for your home, your living room, office , car and other places you want to stay will be full of fresh air, moisture. And you will have a healthy environment to relax and work. You could enjoy your delicate life.




2.Aroma Diffuser


1.Automatic water level monitoring, automatic stop when dry, to prevent dry                                                                        

2.4 available time to be set by timer

3. Stunning lighting effects, warm white or colorful lights optional                                                  



Product Name: Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

External Size: Approximateφ95*140Heightmm(excluding the extruding part)

Weight: Approximate 220g(not including AC adaptor)

Input power:AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Output power:DC24V 500mA

Electricity Consumption of the main body: about 12W                              

Available time to be set by timer:18minutes,120minutes,60minutes,30minutes

Aroma Spray Manner: about 2.4MHz


Applied Area:12-15 m2

Material :PP

Working Temperature:10-40

Product size:8.8*8.3cm

Packing QTY:60PCS

NW/GW: 13/14kg


By cold air micro-atomization ,liquid essential oil is converting into the mist:

1. connect to HVAC, FAC  you can place the unit in air conditioning room  or put it on the ceiling

2. floor standing, this way doesn't need to place unit to ceiling and easy to replace the fragrance. but there will be a bit noisy for this way
Usage instructions:

1.   Aroma Diffusion System includes two parts: fragrance diffuser engine and installation accessories(air conditioner connecting pipe,plastic tube and location-plate).

2.   Optionally connect to HVAC.

3.   Pre-fixed work-time range.

4.   Adjustable fragrance dispersing density setting.

5.   Easy to install essential oil container which is inserted inside the machine.

6.   LED panel.

7.   Micro computer system.

8.   Use super critical nanometer micro atomization technology,refined particle size,steady flow rate.

Product  features :

Aroma Diffusion System, Covers 200 to 5,000 cubic meter area, Completely Discreet, Wall Mounted and HVAC versions. Unlike other less advanced scent technologies such as Oil Burner, Air Fresheners, Room Fragrance, Odor Control, Essential Oil Diffuser etc. which heat the scent and pump air into the fragrance liquid, the scent diffuser technology uses cold air micro-nebulisation technology.

MOFUR is a professional manufacturers of ambience scent diffusion system.MOFUR creates pleasant and luxurious scented ambience by diffusing pure essential oil and aroma oils into the living spaces making it truly memorable experience of aromatherapy.

Widely use:
Aromatherapy Diffuser converts the scented oil into the gas form and diffuses evenly in the desire areas. It not only masks the unwanted odor problem but completely eliminates the air born bacteria and purifies the indoor air quality with its fragrance diffusion system.


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