Humidifiers For Office Water Hardness Is Not Required

- Oct 09, 2017-

With the official start of the heating season, another small appliances: Humidifiers For Office once again into our living room, bedroom. In recent years, as everyone on the quality of life more and more concerned about whether the Humidifiers For Office will lead to air pollution disputes are more and more.

We mentioned in the article last year, why use the Humidifiers For Office, the home PM2.5 tester will be false positives. However, if the wrong use of Humidifiers For Office, there will be some health risks, such as bacterial transmission and particulate pollutants. The former is the bacteria in the water with the water mist spread, the latter is and we always see the Humidifiers For Office white powder related.

Because of the humid environment in the Humidifiers For Office, bacteria are easy to breed, but compared to the purchase price is expensive, functional gimmicks more than practical, the effect is not necessarily a good sterilization Humidifiers For Office, we recommend that you insist on the simple and most effective way is: , More comprehensive cleaning. If you can do this, and then a simple Humidifiers For Office can also be very clean and healthy, if not, and then expensive products will become the kingdom of bacteria.

In addition to bacteria, water often more or less contain some calcium and magnesium ions in the Humidifiers For Office work process, calcium and magnesium ions and carbon dioxide in the air reaction to produce calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and other solid, part of which will become a Humidifiers For Office Of the scale, the other part with the water mist ran out into the dust particles in the air.

And to solve the Humidifiers For Office on behalf of the open "white powder" pollution, alternative methods to be more, according to the individual family of different circumstances, you can choose:

No mist type Humidifiers For Office: and the traditional ultrasonic Humidifiers For Office is not the same, some new products using evaporation, etc., so there is no fog, evaporated to the air is only water vapor, so there is no white powder pollution problems. At the same time "no fog" will reduce the Humidifiers For Office around the floor, furniture, wallpaper and other objects damage.

Advantages: the hardness of the water is not required, no matter how direct poured into just fine, this is the most worrying way.

Softening machine: the white mist is the water of calcium and magnesium ions, with soft water softened water, reduce the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water is a fundamental way to eliminate white mist.

Advantages: Although the hard water itself has little effect on the health of the body, but for daily life will cause some constant impact, not just Humidifiers For Office, as well as water heaters, kettle scale, laundry and so on. Therefore, the installation of soft water machine on the hardship of the hardships of residents living in all aspects of help, and the Humidifiers For Office to calculate the amount of water to increase the cost is very small.

Bottled pure water: barrels of pure water calcium and magnesium ions have been filtered out, so there will be no longer a problem of white powder.

Advantages: This is the easiest way to improve, and the cost is not high for some families who already buy bottled purified water as drinking water.

1, the appropriate size of the tank, too small water tank no way to use the night, too large means that every day you have to face the remaining half of the box of water, into the left unhealthy, drained not environmentally friendly dilemma;

2, the appropriate humidification fog, the amount of humidification is not the bigger the better, the body only in the moderate humidity environment, the most comfortable, too dry and too moist air will be sad;

3, easy to add water, if you and we hate every time the water is earth-shaking upside down the tank, you can top the water Humidifiers For Office can add points;

4, easy to wash and wash, an inconvenient washable and Humidifiers For Office will let you subconsciously reduce the frequency of cleaning, leading to bacterial growth;

5, the noise is small, after all, is to sleep at night when the use of electrical appliances, noise is one of the key indicators;

6, do not need air purification function, a Humidifiers For Office to clean the air, not as a humidified air purifier, not as a suitable Humidifiers For Office plus a suitable air purifier;

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