Humidifiers For Office Regular Cleaning And Maintenance For Humidifier

- Oct 23, 2017-

Spring is coming ~ is the time for the grand debut of the Humidifiers For Office. Have you ever come across a Humidifiers For Office that is suddenly out of the fog? What should I pay attention to when I buy a new Humidifiers For Office? Don't worry, here are some answers for you.

Use small attention

1, when used to control the humidity of the air, not the fog open the greater the better. Winter body feel more comfortable humidity is about 50%, so humidification to moderate.

2, regular cleaning Humidifiers For Office. Generally speaking, a week or so to do a Humidifiers For Office cleaning and maintenance.

3, tap water because of the scale, the use of a period of time concussion film will have scale, so if the conditions allow, you can store a bottle of water before use.

Use of a coup:

1, scale caused by the fog is not what to do?

First, check to see if there is a problem with the swap. Open the bottom cover check whether the insurance is burned, if normal, see if the float is stuck, you can take a cup of boiling water to try again, (with a manual float, the float is a circle, usually white).

If there is no problem with the test, it may be the scale caused by the fog, you can try the following small methods.

2, Descaling small method: Lemons descaling. Lemon contains a lot of citric acid salt, can inhibit the crystallization of calcium salts.

Note: Do not use strong acid, not conducive to maintenance, and there are security risks.

3, you can put the Humidifiers For Office around the desk, remove static electricity, (do not let water mist directly sprayed on electronic products, may affect the normal use of electronic products).

The Humidifiers For Office must not be used like this.

1. Do not put any substance on the Humidifiers For Office, whether it is vinegar, radix isatidis, essential oil, perfume, fungicides or toilet water, these additives on the human body to stimulate the respiratory tract, damage the airway mucosa;

2. Do not put the Humidifiers For Office as a beauty machine, this does not only play a moisturizing effect, but will make the skin more and more dry;

3. Rooms with carpets are not suitable for frequent use of Humidifiers For Office, because water mist falls on the carpet easy to make carpet moist, and then breeding bacteria;

4. Do not use the Humidifiers For Office uninterrupted, especially in the evening, because the humidity is too large to breed bacteria easily;

5. Do not get too close to the human body, Humidifiers For Office is electronic products, work may be some electronic radiation;

6. Asthma, skin allergy, arthritis, diabetes, rheumatism patients with caution with Humidifiers For Office.

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