Humidifier XD1201 Is Newly Updating

- Aug 05, 2019-

The humidifier has the effect of improving the humidity of the air, especially the indoor air dried after the air conditioner is turned on in summer, and the humidifier can increase the humidity of the indoor space, and the breathing is more comfortable. In addition, studies have shown that when the air humidity is between 45% and 65%, viruses and bacteria are relatively less likely to spread, and the human body feels more comfortable in this relative humidity range. Therefore, in a dry air-conditioned room, it is necessary to have a humidifier.

The humidifier of XD1201 is even and stable, and the whole is relatively quiet. There is almost no noise when the fan is operating at low speeds, and only when the air volume reaches 7 (maximum of 10), there is an audible airflow. In addition, the XD1201 is also safe, with automatic water-off function of water shortage, to avoid the existence of safety hazards, and to use more peace of mind. And the XD1201 is a simple humidifier designed by our company to cater to the European, American, Canadian and Australian markets.Mass production is expected at the end of August.


In the summer, there is a long-lasting antibacterial humidifier in the home. The skin is not dehydrated, the throat is not dry, and the sleep quality is better.

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