Humidifier Specification Scope And Its Effect(B)

- Dec 24, 2018-

Humidifier Specification Scope And Its Effect(B)

Third, the noise

Taking into account the humidifier may be used in the bedroom, if the noise is too general will have a certain impact on consumers, and therefore the standard to strict noise restrictions.

Four, evaporator core (Manager) service life

For a direct evaporative humidifier, evaporator core () is the biggest impact on performance parts. With continuous use of humidifier, evaporator core (Manager) the efficiency will be lower, humidification capacity are also coming down. Standards when the humidifier wet when reduced to the initial 50% of the wet, treated as evaporator core failure. Replace the evaporator core (Manager), its service life not less than 1000 hours.

Aroma diffuser

With softened water for five, many humidifiers, humidity display and accessibility

In order to prevent some products do not have this feature, or if the features do not have the corresponding effect, by means of false propaganda to mislead the consumers, these accessibility standards are also put forward specific requirements: for a water softener, after water softener softening, the standard, the water hardness should not exceed 100mg/L. Water softener in before it expires, softened water should not be less than 100L. Humidity display, provided in the context of relative humidity of 30%~70%, the humidity display error shall be within ± 10%, error too big but so as not to mislead consumers. Besides standard also provides, as the water level will have a significant impact on performance of some humidifier, humidifier should have a water level protection, in case consumers may not knowingly make humidifier is chronically low performance, low efficiency of the State.

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