Humidifier Benefits 2

- May 21, 2019-

      Humidifier benefits 2

1, the role of the humidifier is to increase the water content in the air, but pay attention to spray, thermal evaporation is useless, in addition to wet the ground is of no use, now popular is the ultrasonic humidifier, which uses ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, The water is atomized into ultrafine particles of 1-5 micrometers, and the water mist is diffused into the air through the air moving device, so that the air is humidified and accompanied by abundant negative oxygen ions, which can refresh the air, improve health, and change the heat of the winter heating. To create a comfortable living environment.


2, the use of a humidifier a little bit, it can add moisture to the skin, the best way is to use at night. Turn the humidifier on for six hours before going to bed and turn it off when you are sleeping. When using, pay attention to about one meter away from the human body, try to stay away from all kinds of electrical appliances.


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