Humidification Technology And Its Development

- Dec 03, 2018-

Humidification Technology And Its Development

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One of main parameters of humidity as the air, is closely related to people's life and production, feel comfortable humidity environment of the people living in 50~60%, otherwise you will feel dry or wet tightness. Humidity below 40% easily-broken yarn in the textile industry; the tobacco industry are prone to mildew in humidity is above 70%, and when humidity is less than 3 0% easily electrostatic extremely prejudicial to the electronics industry. With the development of modern air conditioning, air humidity regulation and humidification, dehumidification equipment has been developed.

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60 in China began to attach importance to developing dehumidified equipment, humidity has on the temperature drop, the runner down wet wet and cold condensation drop development and its products has long been used in China. But added wet technology has been to 70 early also stay in got water added wet and electrode type added wet Shang, with textile, and electronic, and printing, and tobacco, and special reserves, technology of development and people on life environment comfortable sex requirements of constantly improve, on added wet technology proposed has new of subject, 70 generation late steam added wet technology get widely application, dry steam humidifier test success.

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80 further exchanges with foreign technology, centrifugal humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier, far-infrared humidification and other advanced technologies have been developed and are has been commercialized. Late 80 there was high pressure spray humidifier, electrode humidifier, wet-membrane humidifier and other new products. Humidifier now a variety of properties, user when choosing a humidifier should be based on product characteristics, climate needs to choose, use and other factors.

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