What Does Essential Oil Have To Do With Constellation?

- Jun 13, 2018-

Aquarius (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19) is more calm about small things

The New Year, Aquarius more trivial things, there are many plans and ideas in the brain are brewing, so easy to these necessities and affect the mood, but no matter how trivial, suggest you still try to take 'attitude to deal with, don't let the life become a mess, affect the mood!

Tea tree essential oil:

Tea trees are a new role in aromatherapy, but their popularity is growing.

Aquarius friends are advised to use the elegant tea tree to promote mental vitality, good health, so that the mind fresh and revitalized.

Because tea plants stimulate the immune system very well.

When Aquarius friends are more likely to be affected by small things because of trivial things.

Australia, the United States and France are all studying the efficacy of tea against infection and mold, especially in the treatment of various skin diseases.

This year, you can use more intelligent aromatherapy machines or aromatherapy pendants to carry the magic scent.


Libra: libra: patience and persistence make your career fly

2018 is a year of libra multiple development, especially in such aspects as creation and innovation ability will be greatly promoted, but need more patience and persistence, for career development, can add cent many oh!

Use eucalyptus oil together:

The scent is clear, slightly pungent and penetrating, and libran friends are advised to use it to refresh their brains and focus, eliminating negative energy in the body and increasing their resistance.

Eucalyptus this name comes from Greek, "especially" means the meaning of "perfect", so libra, friends can use more intelligent this year aromatherapy machine or sweet fume pendant magic aroma with a walk.

Don't be afraid of challenges

Scorpio will be more confident and courageous in 2018. They will be enthusiastic in whatever they do and will not be afraid of any challenge.


Use sandalwood essential oil together:

Sandalwood has occupied a sacred place in the hearts of Chinese people since ancient times.

Have relaxed and calm effect, relieve stress, and auspicious atmosphere, increase the sense of fulfillment, relax the whole body, etc., especially suitable for practicing yoga, meditation, incense, able to quickly enter a state of relaxation.

Recommended Scorpio friends use smart incense function for health and pure and fresh air, also sending out the holy breath, let you can concentrate more, calm mind or use sweet fume pendant magic aroma with a walk, let Scorpio friends more wise in the way of life, to fulfill their potential, to create wealth.

Capricorn: hang in there. Your goals

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