How To Use Oil Diffuser And Humidifier Correctly(B)

- Jun 23, 2018-

How To Use Oil Diffuser And Humidifier Correctly(B)

3. Water pollution

Tap water cannot be added directly to the humidifier.

Because there are many minerals in tap water, the humidifier will be damaged, and the water and alkali will affect its service life.

Moreover, urban tap water is treated with dedusting water, and the chlorine atoms and microbes in tap water may cause pollution with water mist blowing into the air.

If the tap water is of high hardness, the water mist from the humidifier will produce white powder due to the presence of calcium and magnesium ions, which will not only pollute the indoor air.

So humidifier should use pure water to humidify!

4. Aggravate physical problems such as rheumatism

Moist air can aggravate conditions such as arthritis and diabetes.

And use continuously although can increase the humidity of the room, alleviate dry, but the air is too wet to be healthy likewise.

Humidity, pinecone quantity is bigger also, in the body makes the body line element and the parathyroid adrenal hormone concentration is relatively lower, the cell will be "lazy", children will be listless and depressed, the consequences of sleep all day.

It is recommended to stop every 2 hours and allow indoor air circulation.

Moreover, the household humidifier does not recommend the use of excessive amount of spray humidifier, it is recommended that the amount of spray is about 100ml/h humidifier is appropriate!


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