How to use oil diffuser and humidifier correctly(A)

- Jun 20, 2018-

Aromatherapy humidifier information: now the weather is dry, many people have used a variety of humidifiers!

And some people think: since the air is so dry, so I buy a foggy humidifier, open 24 hours a day, so that it won't dry, the skin has become good!

The use of humidifier is also to pay attention to some details, and long-term use is also harmful!

1.Easy to breed bacteria

Does the air get moist and bacteria grow?

The humidifier works by increasing the moisture content in the air, turning the water mist into ultramicroparticles, moistening the air and increasing the negative oxygen ions.

But the humidifier, while moistening the air, also provides an environment for bacteria to grow and multiply.

The relatively weak resistance of the elderly, children and other people after inhaling bacteria will cough gently, heavy xiaochuan.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a humidifier with a moderate amount of spray and keep the air flowing when using the humidifier!

oil diffuser

2. Air pollution

The mist from the humidifier will form small water droplets in the cold air, which will cover the dust inside.

This can also happen if the humidifier is not cleaned in time and the scale is generated.

Calcium and magnesium ions from hard water can pollute the air.

oil diffuser

Pollution particles are supposed to settle freely, and when humidifiers are used, large particles of water can easily stick to these air pollutants, increasing the probability of people inhaling pm2.5.

It is not recommended to use in places where the fog mai weather is severe and the air contains large particles, unless the environment has been purified by air purifier!

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