How To Keep Fresh Vegetables In Supermarkets

- Sep 11, 2019-

How to keep fresh vegetables in supermarkets

How to keep fresh vegetables in vegetables, vegetable humidifiers Industrial humidifier application related news reports: How to keep fresh vegetables in supermarkets is a problem that merchants often encounter, the following is a summary vegetable preservation methods. In the vegetable store in the supermarket, some vegetables often change due to evaporation of water, resulting in "selling" is not good. For example, the storage temperature of spinach, green vegetables, lettuce, parsley, celery, etc. that we often eat is 5 ° C ~ 0 ° C, relative humidity 90% ~ 95%, the relative humidity of the air in general environment is less than 90%, in order to make The ambient humidity reaches the optimum humidity of fruits and vegetables, and the ultrasonic humidifier can be used to adjust the air humidity.


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