How Body Moisture Emerges?

- Sep 13, 2016-

Wet in the body, mostly consists of two aspects: first Meridian barrier. the second is the lack of Yang in the body. Meridian access, mostly because over eating junk food; Yang-Qi deficiency, is the fresh cold beer. Meanwhile, the Meridian caused by blowing air conditioning is not Tong and Yang-Qi deficiency of important reasons why.

1th female: Meridian not pass. main is because eat has large of garbage food. due to garbage food in the, contains human cannot synthesis and metabolism of Gaga agent, though on food of individual,, increased agent of content is low, but, people if permanent edible, on will in body formed accumulated, to must degree, we body on will formed garbage accumulated, obstacles we meridian of smooth. While, inflammatory days, outside hot, big natural original is let we in this season transpiration about, out sweating, Will body of toxins and garbage metabolism out, but we air conditioning a blow, good well, garbage was blocking in body out not to has, until has summer a into fill, heat more is nowhere vent, people must big disease we view TCM of when, often will smell sound in the physician mentioned wet heavy, probably cold wet heavy this word. many patients hundred thought shall not its solutions, asked doctor, doctor also didn't when answers you of needs solutions asked of title problem. what wet does? you Shang Internet a check, those TCM noun, make have you is a of fog fire, not see not know, See also still don't know. we learn exactly how wet this phenomenon or symptom?

Other of several Word, each is good understanding, here on dispute disambiguation a discusses has. we single, said "wet" this word. why exaggerated this does? because modern of life style, makes body cold wet heavy of people too more too more has. and, in TCM in, rule wet is most difficult of. because it first to pass Meridian, then hiding cold, then movement. This three items can are is slow work, to is said rule wet difficult. that each will asked has, said has half, what is wet does? we to outside see, can from big natural in the found this signs: we again to within see, Also can from itself of body in the found response of situation to. in summer, each must resume had sauna days's? water in situation embarrassing of State, stay in air, wet level is big, people hard through sad, this is big natural in the of "wet". also has a climate signs, is "fog haze" sky, environment also somewhat approximate. wet, often and cloud approached in together, let people feel trance a mission not clear, especially "fog haze" climate, more is reflected out cloud.

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