Health Is With The Aroma Machine, Enjoy The World Of Fragrance.

- May 05, 2018-

Be the master of your emotions.

Shenzhen yymhealth Technology Co.,Ltd

Happiness, anger, sorrow, surprise, fear, love is referred to as the most common and popular sentiment, they will be as the climate, around people's words and deeds, such as uncertainty, emotions can be generally control and mitigation, but also has its own cannot effectively control and adjust the mood, it's time for a tool to help, small make up special intelligent aromatherapy machine, talk about how to improve your mood.


Aromatherapy therapy, the efficacy of the sleep and relaxation of the soothing mood is increasingly recognized by consumers, and more and more people choose to light incense in their home to play the role of emotional therapy.But most of them give up because traditional aromatherapy diffusers are too cumbersome and time-consuming.Now, the benefits of intelligence will also apply to the aromatherapy diffuser.


A smart essential oil aroma machine named Lumiere can be used to select different aromatherapy essential oils in accordance with preset procedures, so as not to waste users' limited energy and precious time.Lumiere looks like a simple, stylish look, with a low, understated copper color, and four different aromas of aromatic oil diffusers can be installed on the bottom tray.

In the aspect of material selection, the r&d team has experienced strict control, and insisted on choosing environmental protection and healthy materials to build the diffuser.In the selection of aromatherapy essential oils, 100% natural aromatherapy essential oils are adhered to to ensure the safety and harmfulness of users.


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