Glass Humidifiers For Office Thoroughly Cleaned, To Be Dried And Then Stored

- Nov 02, 2017-

It is time for the Glass Humidifiers For Office to debut in spring! Have you ever met out of the Glass Humidifiers For Office suddenly out of the fog? Buy a new Glass Humidifiers For Office, and what should pay attention to it? Do not worry, the following for you one by one answer.

1, when used to control the air humidity, not the fog of the bigger the better. Winter feel more comfortable humidity is about 50%, so humidification to moderate.

2, regular cleaning Glass Humidifiers For Office. In general, a week or so for the Glass Humidifiers For Office to do a cleaning and maintenance.

3, tap water due to the scale, the use of a period of time there will be shock on the water alkali, so if the conditions permit, you can save a bottle of water in advance and then use.

Use a coup:

1, water alkali caused no fog how to do?

First, check the transducer if there is a problem. Open the bottom cover to check whether the insurance is burned, if normal, see if the float is jammed, you can take the water tank with a cup and then try some water (with a manual float, the float is a circle, usually white).

If you check the energy meter is no problem, it may be caused by the scale of the fog, you can try the following small method.

2, a small method of cleaning: lemon in addition to scale. Lemon contains a lot of citrate, can inhibit calcium salt crystallization.

Note: Do not use strong acid, is not conducive to maintenance, and there are security risks.

3, you can put the Glass Humidifiers For Office around the desk, remove static electricity, (do not let the water spray directly to the electronic products, may affect the normal use of electronic products).

How to use Glass Humidifiers For Office more secure?

1. It is best to choose a filter function of the Glass Humidifiers For Office. Under normal circumstances, the handle on the Glass Humidifiers For Office out of the fog 10 seconds without water droplets formed on the better;

2. General Glass Humidifiers For Office with a few hours can be turned off, in addition to timely window ventilation;

3. Carefully wash once every week with warm water. Try to use the texture of the soft cloth, brush cleaning, do not use detergent and other cleaning body and parts, and do not arbitrarily remove parts. The cleaning of the tank can be carried out after the water can be shaken two or three times can be discarded, can be used to repeatedly wash the water can also use a professional Glass Humidifiers For Office cleaning solution or lemon juice for cleaning;

4. Use cold water or pure water, and insist on changing water every day;

5. It is best placed in a stable plane about 1 meter high, as far as possible away from heat, corrosive and furniture, electrical appliances, etc., to avoid direct sunlight;

6. When not using the Glass Humidifiers For Office, it should be thoroughly cleaned inside, to be dry and then stored.

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