Glass Humidifiers For Office Relieves Dryness And Increases Humidity In Indoor Air

- Oct 23, 2017-

The purpose of using a Glass Humidifiers For Office is to relieve dryness and increase the humidity of indoor air. However, many Meimei in order to let their skin look water, the Glass Humidifiers For Office nozzle is facing their face, while working side enjoy "SPA", this is really good for your health?

It is understood that the Glass Humidifiers For Office in the increase in air humidity, spray coverage of the area of the air will also become thinner, so if the spray directly to the face blow, it may cause respiratory obstruction.

Think again, if the Glass Humidifiers For Office for a long time did not thoroughly clean, in the warm moist air, some bacteria may take the opportunity to lurk in the Glass Humidifiers For Office in the corner of the corner, if the face blowing, you inhaled not only water mist, but also with water mist attached to the bacteria and dust oh.

Some Meimei will add essential oil in the Glass Humidifiers For Office, or some of the Chinese herbal medicine, in the flu season, and even the brain hole big open in the Glass Humidifiers For Office to add vinegar, then do this is more advantages than harm, or more harm than good?

First of all, the essence of the product must not be added to the Glass Humidifiers For Office, because if the essence of improper dosage, will make water mist gush smell become very thick, smell long, will cause dizziness and other symptoms of discomfort. And if the Glass Humidifiers For Office to play a small water vapor particles, these essence particles will be directly into the lungs, causing the human body discomfort.

Second, Chinese herbal medicines, vinegar and other materials, with the Glass Humidifiers For Office water mist emitted into the air, even if inhaled by the human body, can not help improve the body's immunity. In the flu season, there are some more reliable ways to prevent colds. For example, take two capsules daily natural vitamin C, 100% extracted from Brazil, "The King of Natural VC" coniferous cherry, the functional test proved that has a clear enhancement of immunity, antioxidant health function.

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