Error Analysis And Correct Measurement Steps Of Infrared Forehead Thermometer

- May 14, 2020-

Error Analysis

1. The measurement unit has not set the mode and measurement unit of the forehead temperature gun. Some forehead temperature guns have two functions of surface temperature and body temperature, and cannot be selected incorrectly when selecting the mode. The measurement unit should be Celsius degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit temperature, The difference between the two reflected in the numbers can be described as a huge difference.

2. The influence of external factors Accurate temperature measurement needs to exclude the following external interference factors, such as: air, water vapor and other obstructions in the measurement environment, which will change the radiation curve of the object and cause inaccurate temperature measurement. To ensure that the optical system part of the thermometer is clean and free of dust, water vapor, etc., the tester's forehead and ear canal are not covered by sweat, hair, dust, hats and other debris. At the same time, the measurement of body temperature needs to be indoors in a windless environment, but also to ensure that the use of the instrument can not have a large temperature difference, to ensure the normal working environment of the instrument (above 16 ℃), if the outdoor weather is cold, the temperature measurement The temperature measured by the instrument is not indicative and belongs to abnormal operation.

3. Damage to the instrument If the forehead temperature gun is dropped or damaged, it will also cause the phenomenon of inaccuracy in its use and measurement. At this time, it is necessary to purchase and replace the new forehead temperature gun for measurement.

Adjustment method

1. Measure more times

If you suspect that the forehead temperature gun is inaccurate, it is recommended to exclude the above factors first, and then measure more times, or measure the person with normal body temperature and then measure the subject. In addition, when the person to be measured comes from a place with a large temperature difference from the measurement environment, it should stay in the measurement environment for at least 5 minutes, and then measure after the temperature is consistent with the environment, otherwise it will affect the measurement results.

2. Insulate the front temperature gun

Many people are not allowed to measure the forehead thermometer because the temperature is too low, which prevents it from working properly. It is recommended that: first, place the infrared thermometer in a dry thermal insulation box at a suitable temperature, and use it alternately; second, place the infrared thermometer near the heating equipment (Be careful not to bake at high temperature). Use for heat preservation. The third is to put the infrared thermometer in the clothing to keep warm with body temperature, or stick the infrared thermometer to warm baby to keep warm (be careful to replace it in time). The fourth is to place the measuring instrument in the environment to be measured for 20 minutes, and then use it after it has stably adjusted to the ambient temperature to measure more accurate values.

3. Calibration according to specifications

According to China ’s existing JJF 1107 “Specifications for Calibration of Infrared Thermometers for Measuring Human Body Temperature” and other technical specifications to the nearest legal metrology technical institution for calibration, if the calibration finds that the meter has large data errors, poor measurement repeatability, and unstable performance, it is recommended to stop .

Correct use method

1. Start-up preparation

When using the forehead gun, you need to install three No. 5 alkaline batteries. When installing, pay attention that the positive and negative electrodes of the battery cannot be reversed. After the first use or just after inserting a new battery, wait for 30 minutes to warm up. The ambient temperature of this product should be between 10 ℃ -40 ℃. Remind that the first measurement is physical temperature and the second measurement is body temperature.

Second, the correct use

1. When measuring body temperature, the product should be pointed at the center of the forehead-above the eyebrow and kept vertical. The measurement site should not be covered by hair. The distance between the product and the forehead is recommended to be about 3cm-5cm.

2. Due to the imperfect development of the cerebral cortex of infants and young children, the function of the temperature regulation center is not yet mature, the skin heat dissipation, and the thermal insulation regulation function are relatively poor for adults, and the body temperature is also easily affected by external factors. In addition to measuring the forehead of the baby's fever, it is recommended to try to measure different parts (carotid artery, chest, or belly) to determine, based on the group with the most displayed data.

3. It is recommended to measure about 3 times during the measurement. The interval between each measurement is 3-5 seconds, subject to the most displayed set of data.

4. If it is found that the temperature deviation is very large, use other temperature measurement equipment to confirm, such as glass thermometer, ear thermometer, etc.

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