Difference Between Oil Diffuser And Humidifier

- Mar 19, 2018-

      Most of the time we are in indoor activities. Indoor bacteria, such as air-conditioned rooms, floor heating, carpets, and interior decoration, are increasing, and humidity is decreasing. More and more home appliances that improve the indoor environment are becoming popular, while aromatherapy machines and humidifiers are becoming popular. With the advancement of technology, the device has gradually integrated into people's home life. However, aromatherapy machines and humidifiers are often confused. We next describe in detail the differences between humidifiers and aromatherapy machines.

     1. Concept

     Ultrasonic Aroma Aroma Machine:Using ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation technology to produce a physical “cavitation” effect, which can instantaneously decompose water and essential oil molecules into a light and delicate cold fog with a diameter of 0.1-3 μm, and diffuse rapidly and diffusely indoors. Space, long stay in the air to fully display the magical effects of aromatherapy, while generating a large number of negative ions can clean the air, and with humidification, phototherapy and color therapy and other series of auxiliary functions, with the fragrance to optimize the environment, so that users in the moment Enjoy the natural plant aroma of essential oils.


   Humidifier: It is a home appliance that increases the space humidity. The main purpose is to humidify indoor air and ease indoor drying.

     2. Function

     Ultrasonic aromatherapy machine: Ultrasonic aromatherapy machine is designed for essential oil users. Pure water and pure plant essential oil can be added to the body. With the addition of essential oils, not only can the air humidity be increased, but also the aroma molecules can purify the air. With the product's gradual and soothing color therapy lighting, it can be used for aromatherapy, health, disinfection, air purification, humidification, interior decoration, etc., anytime, anywhere, without any seasons, especially in the dry and air-conditioned indoor environment.


    Humidifier: The primary function of the humidifier is humidification, and only water can be added. In addition, due to water level design and some other problems, the water quality requirements of the humidifier are limited.


3. Material

     Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser: Because pure plant essential oils tend to corrode the general plastic containers. Therefore, the aromatherapy machine uses PP, special PC and other corrosion-resistant materials that can be used with the essential oil.

     Humidifier: General humidifier use ABS or AS plastic material for water tank, the first use of the medium is water, not resistant to essential oil corrosion, if the drop of essential oils, it is easy to lead to corrosion of the tank and casing, resulting in the formation of cracks and damage.


     Ultrasonic aromatherapy machine's power is smaller, saves electricity and energy, even if it is used throughout the day, the power consumption is extremely low, it is very environmentally friendly and safe, and it is a super good partner of plant essential oils and professional volatilization tools.

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