Dehumidifier Use Common Sense

- Sep 13, 2016-

Humidity and temperature are as ubiquitous in the air everywhere, apricot season temperatures in the South are not high, very high humidity, people feel sultry uncomfortable. While damp and mildew metals caused by oxidation of the damage does not feel himself at any time. Relative humidity is greater than 60% to growth of mold, humidity is greater than 85% are high risk environment for molds.

Optical lens industrial products, magnetic recording materials (including CD), video film, electronic media, electronic components, instruments, meters, the powder material, paper, wood, silk, leather, tobacco, food, tea, grain and other items are needed to control the humidity.

And freezing dehumidifier dehumidifiers chemical dehumidification, this article refers specifically to frozen dehumidifier. Frozen dehumidifier compressor cooling principle of dehumidification. Moisture in the air entering the evaporator of cold condensed cream, then accumulated drops out, into the drain. Dehumidifiers and air conditioners dehumidify in different ways. Dehumidifying is to make the entire space temperature dehumidification of air conditioner in summer, hot weather condition is applied. Dehumidifier dehumidifier is inside the machine to cool water from the air, the space temperature rises slightly, but the difference does not reflect obvious, for four seasons, save electricity consumption.

Dehumidifiers should be avoided in the next to the heat source used to keep the outlet open, General dehumidifier should be placed in the Space Center a better fit, there should be sufficient space around, do not stack items. Keep the air flow, you can achieve the effect of desiccant uniform.

Freeze dryer at low temperature (below 18 c) environmental conditions, frost or freeze, defrost and dehumidifying opportunity automation cream, without defrost dehumidifier manual defrost (power off). General low temperature, low humidity, humidity is lower than 40%, the dehumidifying effect may be unknown may not be obvious, slow speed, which is normal.

Name dehumidification capacity was measured under standard conditions of dehumidifying capacity 50 l/day, refers to the 30 ° c/24-hour measurement of water volume in the RH80% environment.

Dehumidifier running process, the discharged air outlet hot, normal operation of the machine, low humidity in winter, outlet temperature also decreased significantly, is a normal phenomenon.

When consumers buy dehumidifier, calculation of the desiccant to consider indicators such as noise, generally large amount of desiccant dehumidifiers, noisy, industrial device type, if you want noise and dehumidification to meet the requirements, advise to buy a few small dehumidifiers.

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