Dehumidifier Usage Considerations

- Sep 13, 2016-

The condenser should be washed frequently, keep it clean. Dehumidifier should be placed in an indoor location. Dehumidifier air outlet there shall be no obstructions block air screen should be cleaned. Ambient temperature below 15 ℃, attached to the evaporator surface effect of water droplets will freeze and the dehumidifier weakened, if the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ° c above, the pressure in the system will increase the compressor overload, overload protector should cut the lines, or compressor motor will be damaged. Best dehumidifier operating temperature range 5 c ~38 c, micro-computer control dehumidifier with automatic defrost function, temperature range-5 ℃ ~ 40℃. If the humidity in the air is lower than 30%, too dry nor comfortable, reliable humidity control, enabled the 50%~60% range. When using Windows and doors closed as much as possible, bringing the room to dehumidification effect. Body placed needs a flat, not tilted or falling down and avoid machine malfunctions or abnormal abnormal sound. Dehumidifier water full, to avoid overflowing sewage wetland surface and must be in operation when transporting the body, please unplug the power cord, then poured buckets of water storage.

Best dehumidifier after moving static set up 4-6 hours in advance, then start using, because dehumidifiers in the refrigerant in the compressor service, after after the move, and refrigerant must be 4-6 hours back. Regularly cleaning air filter screen (about two weeks), in order to maintain dampness, dust removal efficiency and life of the machine. Cleaning air filter screen can be washed at 40 deg clear water; better with detergent, washing away the dust with water rinse, after the shade back into the body. When the body is cleaned, wipe gently with a damp cloth; avoid directly splashing water clean up, so as not to damage electrical insulation. Body surface adhesive, use soapy water, avoiding gasoline, oil, refined, solvents or spray insecticide in order to avoid stripping paint or discoloration. Is not available inside rod, wire cutting machine, so as to avoid failure or danger. Power outage or long time, travel time, please unplug the power cord in order to preserve the life of the machine.

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