Creative Hemp Ball Aroma Humidifier

- Jun 24, 2019-

Creative hemp ball aroma humidifier

1. Ma ball aromatherapy machine is suitable for hotels, homes, office places, etc.

2. Helps solve the problem of air drying.

3. The aromatherapy machine has the function of atomizing air, humidifying the room, and moisturizing the beauty.

4. The product is stylish and beautiful. There is also a night light design to make your room more bright.

   aroma diffuser


1. The ball ball aromatherapy machine uses DC24, please ensure that the working power is DC24V DC power supply.

2. If you do not use this product for a long time, please keep the water tank clean, and wash the water rod to dry and unplug the power supply.

3. It is recommended to use pure water. Clean the water tank once a month.

4. If there is abnormal sound or the water mist is obviously smaller, please turn off the water and refill the water tank.

5. Product work Do not invert the product when it is fashionable to have a bottle with water.


The ball aromatherapy machine can also be used for:

  Business gifts, advertising promotions, corporate promotions, promotional gifts, conference gifts, opening celebrations, home appliance promotions, banking events, automotive 4S stores, hotel openings, event events, and more.

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