Constellation Magic Aromatherapy Good Luck For The Whole Year(D)

- Jun 11, 2018-

Leo/adjust your mood, communicate and discuss

By 2018, Leo will be under a lot of pressure.

In the New Year will always be setbacks and the status of the selection dilemma, and this situation always let Leo friends feel discouraged, have the urge to stock want to stray alone, but if we can adjust the good mood, don't think all can't do that, well communicate with friends and discuss, can hold out until the last!

Use rosemary essential oil together:

When your Leo friends are stressed and have communication problems, rubbing rosemary essential oil can improve language, vision, hearing and attention.

Rosemary is one of the earliest plants used in medicine, in the Egyptian and Greek and Roman times, people think it represents a kind of "hope" and "dead peacefully", to expel demons, so to love can represent for the care of love.

When outbreak of influenza in Europe, often burn in the hospital to sterilize, modern urbanites because of nervous anxiety caused by forgetfulness, headache, migraine, can borrow by rosemary and sweep away!

Can be used with the intelligent aromatherapy machine or incense smoke pendant magic scent when walking.

small oil diffuser for car

Pisces: enrich yourself and live your dreams

Compared with 2017, many of the stress and burden will be relieved in the New Year, which will certainly make you feel more relaxed and happy.

Therefore, I suggest that you can fulfill your dream and enrich yourself this year.

It is important to be frank and sincere and pay more attention to the expression of words, so as to avoid hurting the feelings between friends.

Chamomile essential oil:

Like a gift from heaven, chamomile has been mentioned first and foremost to this day, as long as it is a soothing and sensitive skin problem.

This seemingly ordinary little white flower has long been honored as the "gentlest skin power", even the baby's tender skin can be used.

Due to its soothing, it can be used with many powerful essential oils and skin care products to alleviate the discomfort caused by skin improvement.

In medicine, chamomile not only can alleviate muscle pain, neuralgia, headache and other kinds of pain, but also can alleviate physical pain, which is often used to improve premenstrual discomfort and menopause symptoms

When you are developing a plan, you can help soothe, relieve anxiety, tension, anger and fear, relax, be patient and feel peaceful.

Reduce worry, let the mind calm, very helpful to insomnia, can be used with smart aromatherapy machine or incense smoke pendant magic scent when walking.

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