Constellation Magic Aromatherapy Good Luck For The Whole Year(C)

- Jun 08, 2018-

Capricorn: hang in there. Your goals are ahead

2018 is a year can break through the dilemma, suggestion Capricorn to want to achieve the goal of your own mind, even if the way want to lazy, or peripheral environment does not support, please also insist on not to give up right away!

The chances of success are great.

Use sandalwood essential oil together:

Sandalwood has occupied a sacred place in the hearts of Chinese people since ancient times.

Advise Capricorn friends to breakthrough yourself, to reach a goal, first to use the essence of sandalwood incense smoke to relax body composed of body and mind balance effect, relieve stress, and auspicious atmosphere, increase the sense of fulfillment, is especially suitable for yoga, meditation, incense can quickly enter the state of relaxation.

Using smart incense function for health and pure and fresh air, also sending out the holy breath, let friends can concentrate more, Capricorn heart calm moment or use perfume pendant magic aroma with a walk, let Capricorn friends more wisdom of life road, to fulfill their potential, to create wealth.

oil diffuser

Sagittarians need to be cautious and empathetic

In 2018, is one of the most tricky year Sagittarius, whatever you do anything, the best pace slowed down and feel others' emotions, don't be anxious to be solved, such ability brings relaxed joy in life, and find a forward momentum.

Use lemon essential oil together:

Help your Sagittarius friends clear their minds, eliminate tiredness, and improve their stomach and digestion.

The fresh scent of lemon can help your Sagittarius friends refresh their minds, refresh their spirits, ease their irritability, and purify the indoor air


Fresh and sweet with fresh and strong light clean aroma, citrus is the best detoxification, deodorization efficacy.

This year, Sagittarius friends can use smart aromatherapy machines or aromatherapy pendants to carry the magic scent.

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