Components Of The Infrared Forehead Thermometer

- May 13, 2020-

Infrared temperature sensor: It is used to collect the temperature of the human body / object. The infrared forehead temperature gun is generally measured at a distance of 1 ~ 3cm from the forehead. The collected data is amplified by the signal amplification circuit. The signal amplification circuit is optional.

MCU microprocessor: accept infrared temperature sensor data for processing. For analog sensors, A / D conversion circuit needs to be added to convert analog signals into digital signals and then processed by MCU; for digital temperature sensors, you can directly Handle to the MCU.

Button module: used for mode switching, measuring objects, measuring forehead, measuring neck and other modes. The buttons can be customized, and can be used as a power-on button and a system reset button.

LCD display: MCU control, used to display temperature data.

Buzzer: Alarm module, the MCU sets a normal temperature range, such as 35 ~ 37.3 ℃, exceeding the upper limit or lower than the lower limit, the buzzer alarm, the temperature is too low or too high are abnormal.

Crystal oscillator circuit: a clock used for MCU microprocessing, providing a source of oscillation.

Battery: The battery is the main power supply of the entire system. Because of the portability of the front temperature gun, it must be battery-powered. The most important thing is battery-powered products. The most important thing is low power consumption. When not working, the system needs to enter sleep mode to achieve more Low power consumption and extended battery life.

Power management: The power supply voltage of infrared temperature sensor, display screen, buzzer and other modules may not be the same. The battery needs to be converted to a suitable voltage value to supply power to each module. Of course, you can also use a rechargeable battery to join the charging circuit.


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