Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

- Sep 04, 2017-

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

If you’re tired of chemical laden air fresheners and want something that is safe and even healthy for your family to breathe, it’s time to look at essential oil diffusers. While they have been around for thousands of years, Essential oils are very popular these days. People use these oils to ease stress, calm pain, and boost mood. Essential oils have hundreds of health benefits and one of the best ways to put them to use is with a diffuser. Every home should have at least one essential oil diffuser, but after you try one, you will probably want to add one to every room in the house! You can easily provide serious health benefits and boost your family’s mood just by running a diffuser with a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

What Type of Essential Oil Diffuser is Best?

Essential oil diffusers come in many shapes, sizes, and price ranges. With so many options to choose from, it can get confusing if you are new to the world of essential oils. If you want to gain the most benefits from diffusing oils, you need a quality diffuser that doesn’t heat the oils. Cold air diffusers preserve the medicinal benefits of oils and allow them to permeate your home safely. You can find diffusers with timers, lights, and multiple power settings. Ultimately, you have to select a model with all the features you like best.

What To Look for In An Essential Oil Diffuser

As you search for the perfect essential oil diffuser for your home, there are a few features that you should watch for. These are the features that determine whether the one you choose will really last over the long run and effectively deliver the full benefits of essential oils.

Power Source – First, check to see what kind of power source a diffuser uses. You can find models that have to be plugged in and others that run on battery power. Some diffusers offer both options. If you will need to frequently move the diffuser from one room to another, it might be best to have the option of using batteries so you aren’t constantly dealing with cords.

Run Time – You should also check to see how long the essential oil diffuser runs. Will it work all night or does it automatically shut off after a predetermined amount of time? Some units offer timers that allow you to customize your run time. These are a great option so that you can set it and forget it!

Size and Portability – Next, look for a diffuser that is large enough to disperse the oils throughout the room where you plan to use it. On the other hand, you don’t want a model that is so large that it’s cumbersome to move. Smaller diffusers are nice for traveling or moving from one room to the next.

Lights – If you want your diffuser to double as a night light, you should look for models with LED lights built in. Some offer a gentle white light while others might have color changing lights. Check and see if the light is always on when the diffuser is running or if you have the option to turn the light off and on. Some diffusers offer a timer for lights where you can turn it on and set the time, then go to bed without worrying about getting up to turn off the lights in the middle of the night.

Sound – Look for an essential oil diffuser that is quiet. If a diffuser is loud, it can become a major annoyance to family members. No one will want the diffuser running if it is so loud that you can’t fall asleep or hear the television. Whisper quit diffusers will disperse all the benefits of your favorite oils without interrupting the serenity of your down time at home.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Everyday Use

Once you discover all the ways that essential oils can help your family stay happy and healthy, you will want to use them all the time. That’s why you need a diffuser that can hold up to daily use. We like the XD805 essential oil diffuser. It’s easy to use and will last for hours at a time. Just fill the reservoir with water and then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

It will run up to eight hours and disperse the oils up to 250 square feet. You can set the timer for one, two, or three hours and turn the rotating lights off and on. The Green Air Spa Vapor 2.0 is really an all around good pick because it can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Plus it’s so quiet that you won’t even notice it running when you are sitting right next to it!

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