Beautiful Design And Functionality

- Aug 18, 2017-

Beautiful Design and Functionality

The beautiful wood-grain design fits in any room of the house or in any type of office. It is better to use than any candle or air freshener, simply because it only releases water vapor infused with beneficial essential oils.

This quiet and powerful machine can help relieve symptoms from common colds and unwanted flu bugs. It can also help relieve sinus pressure. The fragrances and the cool mist help people fall asleep.

oil diffuser

You can fill it with therapeutic essential oils that help with relaxation, focus, energy, stress-relief, or whatever you need in your life. The diffuser also releases negative ions that help with improving moods.

Along with the beautiful shape, the Zen Breeze changes colors. It has 14 different colors that change as the appliance delivers the fragrant mist. The LED light glows in the dark, so it is perfect night light that is safe to use.

To add to this beautiful design, the Zen Breeze does not contain any BPA making it completely toxin-free.

This essential oil diffuser will take care of unwanted smells. It will cover smells from smoking or from pets. It also is helps to mask smells in nurseries and child care centers.

Add one to your RV or your dorm, since the machine does not rely on flames to create fragrance. It can also provide a nice amount of light if you need an alternative to overhead lamps.

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