Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

- Jul 27, 2017-

What probably pops out to you immediately with this Essential Oil Diffuser—the strikingly beautiful design. An authentic looking wood grain finish makes this one of the best-looking diffusers you will find. If you are going for an atmosphere experience, this diffuser functions with the style to give it to you.

An ideal choice to place inside a spa or yoga room but would be a distinct addition to your bedroom or office too. For myself, when we received this diffuser I immediately felt as though it gave our home a Tiki or Hawaiian feeling to it.

Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

With a 200 ml water reservoir, you would think this would be a pretty large diffuser, but it maintains a relatively compact size. Having the ability to release oil vapors for up to 10 total hours, covering up to 250 sq. ft. It utilizes modern ultrasonic technology to provide you with a pleasantly soothing experience.

An ultrasonic diffuser has a crucial benefit above other types. Operating at a near-silent noise level so you can sleep soundly throughout your night or calmly rest next to it. By efficiently operating this diffuser can be run throughout your day or night. Providing you with a refreshing fragrance to eliminate lingering smells from a pet, smoking or cooking.

Ultrasonic Mister

The dispersing Ionizer is built into this diffuser to deliver negative ions into the atmosphere. When breathed in these ions are what give you the desirable mood lifting and stress relieving sensations. By adding your favorite essential oil, you can also take advantage of other healthy benefits—reducing headaches, restful sleep, cold & flu relief, increase concentration and release allergies.

The LED lighting on this device may not make up the entire design like others. However, the with a perfectly accented ring LED light—you still get a color changing experience. Built with four different beautifully shined lights for you to choose from. Adding yet another layer of that relaxing experience that you are looking for.

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